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The world of small business has changed drastically over the last few decades. Having a strong online presence has become crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Most homeowners and businesses will use search engines to find a new electrician. If your company name isn’t showing up on the front page, you’re losing potential customers.

However, service based business owners often do the bulk of the work themselves. Most have trained for a career as an electrical contractor, and an electrician’s SEO skills may not be at the forefront of their priorities. It takes a lot of effort to run your own business, and most owners are already wearing many hats. The SEO specialists at PURE RAPID, Digital Agency have experience in search engine optimisation for electricians, small business and national contractors.

We know the right keywords and techniques to use and have access to tools and software that can have a tremendous impact on your business. Our team works hard at providing exceptional quality SEO for electricians and will help make your company more visible online. If your not showing on Google search results first page for the search terms relevant to you and your area, you are missing out on phone calls that turn into sales.

If you are looking for SEO for electrical contractors, call PURE RAPID, Digital Agency today and find out how we can help. Are you unfamiliar with SEO for electricians? Let us explain how increasing your search engine rank will help bring in more customers. 


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Popular search engine platforms like Google and Bing use complex algorithms to determine which sites rank highest on their results page. Our SEO experts  at PURE RAPID, Digital Agency dedicate their careers to understanding these changing algorithms, so we can help business owners maximise their marketing efforts and find more clients.

Because every industry has a different set of customers, it’s important to find a company that understands your niche. We have become a go to for a huge range of startups and established growing businesses within the UK who focus on a local and international customer base. Our team have been performing SEO related research and analysis with industry leading tools that allow us to understand your business, your clients, your competition, your language… This coupled with a free no obligation consultation further enables us to understand fully your expectations, your future plans, your desire to outrank your competitor… We are not just technically able when it comes to SEO, we have been building businesses since 2003. 


An electrician’s SEO is vital to creating awareness for your business. In the past, people may have relied on word of mouth, billboards or yellow pages to find service providers in their area. Today, almost everyone exclusively uses the internet to find what they’re looking for. Someone on page five of Google, simply isn’t going to be able to receive the same amount of work as someone who’s taking the top spots on page 1.

Yes, advertising can put your name on the front page, but only for as long as you pay and that is growing more and more expensive month by month. Your ad budget has a limit, and as soon as you run out of cash, your competitors will quickly replace your paid advertised link. That is why SEO is so much more important than paid ads (PPC).

Many companies pay multiple thousands of pounds, dollars, euros…  per month to keep their pay per click ad campaigns running. Many small businesses may not be able to compete with national corporate electrician companies or franchises with paid Ads. Thats where SEO comes in!

While there may be an initial investment of time and money, organically growing your SEO is the best way to have a sustainable amount of traffic without spending a fortune. With SEO you can forecast your traffic over time. Our traffic building is targeted = People genuinely looking for your services in your area opposed to likes and follows that mean nothing in terms of sales.

Bottomline we get you phone calls from real people looking for your services in your area(s). How many phone calls do you want? How many do you need? Yes we build websites and yes we do top notch SEO, but what we really do is grow businesses. 


Are you looking for an expert in search optimisation for electricians? The team at PURE RAPID Digital Agency has worked with and helped many businesses just like yours find new customers. By using specific techniques to improve SEO for electricians, we can help you outrank your competitors and finally get the kind of traffic you’ve been looking for. We are proud to provide our digital marketing services for business owners across the UK including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London and more. Call PURE RAPID Digital Agency today to discuss your options and to find out what we can do for you. We offer a free consultation to get you started.


With PURE RAPID Digital agency driving your SEO strategy, you’ll rank higher in the search engines—leading to an increase in traffic, leads, phone calls and sales growth for a lower cost than paid advertising. 

Learn more about our electrician SEO services. Book a free appointment with us. See what makes us different than other SEO companies.

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