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We help today’s ambitious businesses and brands accelerate their growth with digital marketing frameworks built for tomorrow’s leaders.

Our history, approach, results…


What’s with the name PureRapid? As a business, we generate fast tangible results for our clients. Being a company with Scottish roots, some of us use the word “rapid” in place of the word “fast”. “Pure Rapid” just reinforces a high rate of speed. We produce results Pure Rapid. So that’s our name!

Is our brand’s strapline just a play on words? No, we do exactly what it says on the tin, “Keeping it strictly PG, we grow businesses and brands fast as Duck!”. It also connects nicely to our brand logo.

Why did we choose the Rubber Duck logo to visually represent our brand? Supporting our strapline, the rubber duck is a symbol of happiness and childhood memories. It’s a visual we can all connect with regardless of nationality, age, and race, without political distinction. Like our business, it’s fun and it stands out in a same same crowd, much like our positive results do.

What’s our story? We all have a story, and every story has a message. Childhood is as good a place as any to start. Typically filled with imagination, determination and for most, happiness.

Along the way, we can get lost in the formalities of “growing up”. Like Ferris Bueller, the king of carpe diem, once saidLife moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” – We love the 80s. Don’t judge us lol

Childhood movies and nostalgia aside, we fast-forward to 2012 where our founding partners chose to seize the day by taking the unnecessary risks of leaving their secure high paying jobs and selling their profitable businesses, to collaborate on a new venture in pursuit of greater success with something they all loved. PureRapid was born, and the rest is history.

Something that was and still is important to our team, is the decision to only connect with businesses and brands who love their business as much as we love ours. We value creativity, imagination, and determination.


On a serious note, as a digital agency, communication is a big part of what we do. We help companies communicate: within the public sphere and with their customers. For any project, in any media, it all comes down to what we communicate about that client’s brand. How we say it. Who we say it too. And what others say once they get our message.

But communication works in two ways. We aren’t just talking; we’re listening. Listening to our clients, because that’s how we form strong relationships. Listening to our clients’ customers, because how they respond is how we know we’re doing our job. Listening to our team members, because good ideas come from our collective experience, and knowing when to try something new.

Our purpose is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by using our knowledge, experience, and creativity to communicate their brand’s message effectively, and bring it to the right audience, in the right places, at the right time.


Our clients appreciate the value of a rich and engaging online customer experience that makes the customer journey, shopping or booking process easier and more enjoyable. It also enables the business to market new products and services to a wider audience in a vivid and compelling way – in turn, creating new revenue opportunities.

Since 2012, we have helped businesses and brands across multiple industries, locally and internationally, grow their online presence, reach, engagement, conversion, sales, and profit.

We work with organised startups to well-established household brands who are leaders of indusrty. Our client list extends, eCommerce stores, Apparel brands, Fragrence houses, Cosmetic companies, Tech startups, IT service businesses, Web development agencies, Marketing companies, Engineering businesses, Colleges, Hotels, Vehicle sales & rental businesses, Law firms, Dental practices, Accountancy firms, Charitable organisations, Real estate agencies, Property developers, Maritime organisations, Plant & tool hire companies, Construction companies, Transport businesses, Event management companies, Gym chains, Sporting organisations, Printing & Packaging businesses, Excursion operators, Promotional companies, Consultancy businesses, Affiliate marketers, High net worth individuals, Serial entrepreneurs, Venture capitalists, Small business investors, Public figures & much more.

Case studies are available upon request. Book a discovery call with us and find out if we are a good fit for each other.


Four founding partners strong, and an expert team of twenty+ digital marketing professionals.

David Black

David Black


Director of Business Development

Katie Cowan

Katie Cowan


Creative Director

William McLachlan

William McLachlan


Managing Director

Karen Lowe

Karen Lowe


Account Director


We’re as Glasgow as shipyards, Simple Minds, and the Old Firm.


Marketers and advertisers. Creatives and coders. Analysts and dreamers.


Proving we don’t need to be rooted in the same place, to be on the same page.


Waving a friendly goodbye to the unconvinced. Welcoming the ambitious.


We are PureRapid® Digital Marketing Agency, Glasgow. Keeping it strictly PG, we grow businesses & brands fast as duck!

Data-Backed Statistics 

Growing Businesses Since


Customer Retention Rate 2020


B2B ROI+ Campaigns 2020


B2C ROI+ Campaigns 2020


  • Facebook Ads & Google Ads We work with clients on monthly ad spend budgets of £1000 – £40,000. View Ad Tiers
  • eCommerce Stores from £1,500 – £20,000. Shopify is the platform we work with. Custom Shopify development available since 2015.
  • Websites from £1,500 – £20,000. WordPress CMS is our platform of choice. Custom WordPress development available since 2012.
  • Airbnb Style Websites from £3,500 – £20,000. WordPress CMS is our platform of choice. Custom development available since 2012.
  • SEO Campaigns from £500 – £3,000 per month. 6 months initial contract, then monthly rolling. Rank top of the SERPS for relevant keywords.
  • Funnels from £500 – £5,000. Building and optimising your sales and marketing processes with conversion rate optimisation in mind.
  • Growth Hacking from £500 – £5,000. Squeezing every last pound, dollar and euro from your ad funnels for optimal return on ad spend.
  • Chatbot Marketing from £500 – £5,000. Helping your visitors get what they want, when they want, with automated & human like messenger flows.
  • Email Marketing Automation from £500 – £5,000. Grow your email list & nurture visitors with high converting email sequences that help you hit your goals.
  • Landing Pages from £250 – £1,500. Landing pages go beyond the purpose & capabilities of home pages, product pages & service pages.

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-Our Basic Ad Terms

  • Your Pixel & Analytics is set up in your ownership by us.
  • We carry our audience research for accurate targeting.
  • We carry out testing for optimisation.
  • We provide the copy with your help.
  • We can repurpose your existing visual content or use stock visuals for free or we can create fresh, bespoke, snappy content that fits your brand for an additional content creation fee with your help.
  • We won’t run anything without your approval first.
  • We will track conversions and provide monthly reports with your results, detailing the relevant KPIs that measure your success.
  • Your Ad spend is paid directly to Facebook & Google via your company.
  • Our Ad Management fee excludes applicable tax and is paid monthly in advance, direct to us by your company.
  • A 3-month minimum term applies for any ad account we onboard, then monthly rolling.
  • Our minimum monthly ad spend requirement for Facebook Ads is £1000.

-Our Facebook Ad Management Fees

  • Monthly Ad spend up to £2000 has a £750 monthly management fee
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £3000 has a £1000 monthly management fee
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £4000 has a £1250 monthly management fee
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £5000 has a £1500 monthly management fee
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £6000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 6% ad spend
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £7000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 7% ad spend
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £8000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 8% ad spend
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £9000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 9% ad spend
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £10,000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 10% ad spend
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £25,000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 9% ad spend
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £50,000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 8% ad spend
  • Monthly Ad spend up to £100,000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 7% ad spend
  • Monthly Ad spend over £100,000 has a £1500 monthly management fee + 6% ad spend

All Facebook Ad & Google Ad Monthly Management Fees listed here are in United Kingdom Pounds, £, Pound Sterling, GBP.

Feel free to use our currency calculator.


  • Established: 2012
  • Based: Glasgow, UK
  • Client Reach : UK, USA, AUS, & EU
  • Agency Model: We are a remote agency working with an extensive international client list. Can you visit us? Yes, you are more than welcome. Simply get in touch and we can arrange a time and date for you to visit our work space in Glasgow. Glasgow too far? Being a remote agency, almost 100% of our business is conducted online, however we do receive plenty of inquiries from businesses in Glasgow and across Scotland looking for an agency closer to home. We are happy to accommodate whatever your preference, it’s 100% your shout.
  • Agency Partners: 4 in total. 2 in Glasgow UK, 1 in London UK, and 1 in Tenerife Spain.
  • Team Members: 21 in total. Located across the UK, US, EU, & AUS.
  • Core Services: Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Shopify eCommerce, WordPress Websites, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Chatbot Messenger Marketing, Growth Frameworks, Funnel Hacking, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Process Flows/Automation/Sequencing.
  • Client Markets: B2B & B2C
  • Client Bracket: Businesses with £250k – £25m revenue
  • Client Budgets: See Price Section
  • Sector Knowledge: Agriculture | Utilities | Construction | Manufacturing | Wholesale | Retail | Transportation & Warehousing | Information | Finance & Insurance | Real Estate & Rental & Leasing | Professional, Scientific & Technical Services | Management of Companies & Enterprises | Educational Services | Travel & Tourism | Arts, Entertainment & Recreation | Accommodation | Food Services

Capabilities: We don’t take on every client. If your brief is not within our capability with regard to time, budget or resources, or if you don’t meet our client requirement checklist, we will politely decline. We love what we do, and we stay in our lane. For us, its more important to say no thank you, than promise the moon.

Standards: Whether we are running a simple Facebook ads campaign to generate leads for a small business or we are tasked to strategise and implement the full works for an international eCommerce brand, our approach is driven with equal effort to achieve maximum results.

Communication: As a digital agency, clear communication is at the heart of everything we do. We are here to listen, research, perform, measure, improve, report, and repeat. We use a platform called Slack to keep conversations organised, and in the words of their marketing team, “the smart alternative to email”. It simply gives everyone on your team, and ours a shared view of progress and purpose. Everything syncs across all team’s devices. It’s super easy to use and great for keeping everyone up to speed.

Onboarding: To save us both time and resources, and increase client satisfaction, we use Zapier to automate certain tasks. With multi-step workflows connecting multiple apps, our onboarding process happens easily and instantaneously. Learn more about our onboarding process and automation for your business here.

Bottom line: We are what our clients need us to be. Approachable, capable, organised, flexible, reliable, big enough to deliver, small enough to care, & results driven.

    20 Minute Free Strategy Session

    Find out if we are a good fit for each other. Our strategy session is a two-way conversation, not a sales pitch. We will ask specific questions to understand your priorities, business, budget, and objectives. No-obligations. Sound good?


    We strategically combine creativity, data, and marketing to grow ambitious businesses and brands worldwide.

    – We are PureRapid Digital Marketing Agency, Glasgow.

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