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We work with service-based businesses spending a minimum of £1000 per month on lead generation ads to eCommerce brands spending anywhere from £1000 - £100,000 per month on advertising. In 2021, we managed around £5m of ad spend, including our own Shopify stores & lead gen funnels.

Please note that this is not a sales call. Our goal is to find out if we are a good fit for each other. Our 30-minute discovery call is completely FREE with no obligations and is valued at £150. Before booking a call, please check the following.

Are you an established business or a startup?

We love working with any ambitious business. Please be aware that we will ask about business financials, objectives, existing marketing strategy, and any hurdles your business faces. We are completely transparent and need the same transparency to help you. Please know your data and have your numbers ready for our call as best as possible.

Do you meet our minimum budget requirements?

We ask all eCommerce businesses to have a minimum monthly advertising budget of £2000 GBP ($3000 USD) before booking a call.

We ask all service businesses to have a minimum monthly advertising budget of £1000 GBP ($1500 USD) before booking a call.

Does PureRapid meet your business ad spend bracket?

In 2021 we managed over 100 client ad accounts with monthly advertising budgets on each account ranging from £1000 GBP ($1500 USD) per month to over £100,000 GBP ($150,000 USD) per month. Spending more? We are confident we can successfully manage monthly ad budgets in excess of this. Ask us. If we see we are not the right fit for you at that level, we will point you in the right direction.

Glasgow – Deliveries & Collections Only. All meetings are remote on Zoom.

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