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Account Cancellation


We are sorry to see you go!

Before you cancel your account, please ensure you have fully backed-up all of your data as it will not be retrievable once your account has been closed.

This includes your WordPress installation, all associated files, databases, any mail accounts, and all usernames and passwords.

To start the cancelation process of your account please complete the form below.


By submitting the form below you agree to all of the following:

(a) This will remove the account and delete ALL associated data related to it from 00:01 on the confirmed date.

(b) The account can not be canceled if there is an outstanding balance on it.

(c) Accounts requested (or contractually required) to be closed after the next billing period, shall be liable to further billing.

(d) That no cash refunds are available for any unused credit that may remain on my account as per the agreed Terms of Service.

(e) Only requests submitted through an authenticated form submission, receiving both form and human reply confirming the request; shall be considered to be a valid cancellation request to be processed.

Cancellation Request Form

Type: "Account Cancellation Request"
The earliest date you would be happy/prefer for the account to be closed. Will be confirmed in response to your request.
If you are moving elsewhere, we charge a flat rate of £49 GBP. Why? Naturally moving a website does not happen at the click of a button and we will have to assist your new provider with the process. This amount is due and must clear in full prior to the cancellation request being fulfilled.