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Honestly, it depends. There is no denying we are all living in times of uncertainty right now, but people are getting online like they never have before. This is what’s happening right now in our business.

As website designers and web developers, we are inundated with requests to update websites from our existing client list. Our SEO team is busier than ever with requests from past, current, and new clients to boost rankings in the search engine results pages. This is absolutely a great time to fight for your top spot. These are the positives, but what about the negatives?

Whilst now is the time for the few, a dramatic drop in Paid Ads this month cannot go unspoken. The trend was and continues to be similar to the stock markets trendline that literally fell off a cliff. That comes as no surprise to us in these uncertain times. However, when it comes to client ad spend on Facebook & Google, believe it or not, it makes more sense right now than ever before to ramp up ad spends for some businesses due to the decreased cost of advertising on these platforms currently. Wait, what?

Sure, we hear you. Agreed, that’s not going to work for a lot of businesses right now, but a few sectors are capitalising from the cheaper cost of ads at present in a big way. The question is, is your business the type to benefit from digital marketing right now?

The bottom line is, now is as good a time as any to push your message out there, especially whilst everyone is working hard from home and businesses in this new “normal” are working smart to get things done.

Completely stopping marketing spend is a quick way to reduce any business outgoings, but history has shown time and time again that the effects from cutting marketing budgets are far more damaging longterm than the benefits gained from short term savings. For a lot of businesses, this is prime time to double down.

When a business is not increasing brand awareness, website or store traffic, engaging with their audience, or simply switching marketing efforts off, you will find a selection of their competitors doing completely the opposite. Ones loss is always going to be another’s gain.

We are not talking about profiteering from this epidemic, that is something we cannot abide. There is a real growth opportunity for specific sectors right now, and the business and brands increasing their digital marketing efforts right now, will gain significant ground over those who won’t, don’t, or can’t.

Working from home? We understand this concept more than most. As a remote agency, our business model isn’t burdened with the costs of glamorous office space, large in house staffing, or the multitude of associated fees. We’ve been there and done that. In 2012, we switched to a lean and efficient business model. The benefits our clients receive is a bigger and all-round better bang for your buck. For us, we benefit from the high flexibility a remote agency model provides. We can scale up or down as and when required without the associated complexities, restrictions and unnecessary risks that the brick and mortar agency model presents.

Are you running a brick and mortar business? We can help you put your business online for free right now. Absolutely zero cost to you. No sales pitch insight. Free as in not a penny.

What’s the catch? None. Without the masses of small to medium-sized businesses, our economy as a whole will continue to tank in the short and medium to long term. When the time is right, we believe those of us who make it through this, will remember our help. It’s our investment in you, us, our country, our economy, we are all in this together. No matter how small our effort, it all adds up. Everyone in a position to help others right now when they need it, should.

Free website/online store? Yes, 100% free. No setup fees, no monthly costs for 3 months. Cancel anytime. No small print. Absolutely free. You can take booking, orders, payments, arrange delivery and everything in between all from an easy to app on your phone that is trusted by over 1 million businesses worldwide, and generating over £170billion in sales. With the likes of brands such as Red Bull, Kylie Cosmetics, Gym Shark and little old us to name a few, you know its an absolute no brainer.

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Already running your business online? We are offering a 20-minute lite version of our power hour for free. No obligations.

This is a highly sought after, 20-minute consultation call, therefore this will be limited in availability, unlike the free website/store offer above. It’s important to note that, this 2nd option is only available to businesses with advertising and marketing budgets ranging from 2k – 50k GBP per month. During this call, we will ask specific questions to understand your business, pain points, and overall needs. You can ask us anything about us and our services.

Why talk to us? Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of 6 figure bricks and mortar businesses to 8 figure eCommerce brands accelerate their growth locally and internationally, and outperform their competitors.

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